Siggi the Sea Horse
You are Siggi the blue sea horse and you have missed the start of the race. Try and make up for the lost time and get over the finish line first.
Watch out for those jellyfish though!
The computer will show you a random colour sequence. Click on the colours in the same sequence. After each correct round, another colour is added to the sequence.
How many colours can you remember?
Pacman style game.
Mr. Nerd collects all the discs, computers and laptops.
Use the Antivirus symbol to get the viruses!
Remove the stones from the field by putting together 3 or more of the same colour. The more stones you put together in a group, the more points you'll get.
Get the highest score!

System Requirements:

  • Please disable your Popup Blocker. Games open in a popup window.
  • Macromedia Flash Player. (Download)
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